Tips & Tricks For Skyrim – Change Appearance + Race Mid-Game. (PC)
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Full guide on how to change both the appearance (Hair etc.) and the race of your Dovahkin. Open the console command with your ~ key. Usually on the same button as your ` key. This key is called the tilde key. For more Tips & Tricks for Skyrim, check out the playlist here; As always, if you enjoyed the video throw me a like, a comment or even better a subscribe. If you do, a kitten gets a copy of Skyrim for Christmas. NOTE : PC ONLY. NOTE : It seems you may lose your racial bonus when simply changing your appearance via this method. It is up to you if this is worth it or not. NOTE : There is also a chance this will disable your ability to receive Steam achievements for Skyrim. You have been warned. HOW TO CHANGE YOUR RACE BUT NOT YOUR STATS! :

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  1. IroniDave says:

    I changed race early ingame. Now when I transform to beastform (werewolf) my char changes back to the race I was before. Loosing my stats. That sucks big time. Any1 who encountered this problem? Any fix?

  2. Spinazania says:

    Thanks alot!

  3. Alexlinne88 says:

    @OGrdnr Sadly it reset my Magicka/Health/Stamina

  4. MrSegjustas says:

    When i change my race in mid-game via “player.SetRace Redguard” i will lose my previous race bonus and i will get redguard race bonus? Example: I lose Nord +10 Two-Handed, and i gain Redguard +10 One-Handed?

  5. bloc22 says:

    @natelovesyou If you didn’t get what you needed from that, you shouldn’t be playing on PC.

  6. Maxwilso says:

    1. Hit `
    2. Type qqq
    3. Enter

  7. natelovesyou says:

    @OoopMAXqooO TILDE, not tidle. Pronounced till-duh.

  8. natelovesyou says:

    @bloc22 Yeah, you’re not very informative. Thanks though. Moving on…

  9. pooplicker011 says:

    @blackseraph09 oops u were on PC my bad.

  10. bloc22 says:

    1. Press “Tilde” key
    2. Type “showracemenu”
    3. Change character appearance
    4. Done.
    Like for getting right to the point.

  11. ShikogoFox says:

    @OGrdnr I just tried it, but after closing the game and reloading it, my head is invisible. Fuck.

  12. Jarjarniks says:

    @OGrdnr anyone verify this?

  13. regergekowns says:

    @OGrdnr ty so much

  14. ShikogoFox says:

    @OGrdnr You are my hero.

  15. 9EricR says:

    dude playing as a menu, pretty creepy

  16. TheMoshBoss says:

    wtf how do u do it on xbox?????

  17. OoopMAXqooO says:

    its called the tidle key :P

  18. blackseraph09 says:

    @pooplicker011 just hit this button “~”

  19. toggard40 says:

    @ForAdventure i know i deleted it about 20 seconds after posting because i ended up getting the joke i was that guy that laugh’s along and then five minutes later actually understands

  20. pwnslash123 says:

    @ForAdventure I’m pretty sure you can change hair… there has to be a barber or something.

  21. implary says:

    cool now i dont have head ..walking around without head win!

  22. Aleque says:

    @OGrdnr sweet thx

  23. pooplicker011 says:

    @OGrdnr i dont see the “tild” button

  24. XboxLiveSpartan001 says:

    @TheEpicSkateChannel dang i wrote that all for nothing lol Well you can mod ps3 just as easy so i hear

  25. ForAdventure says:

    @babylion44 Afraid not.

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