Skyrim The Cursed Tribe Walkthrough – Oblivion Walker Volendrung – Daedric Artifact # 9
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*** EXPAND FOR MORE INFO *** This video walks you through how to complete “The Cursed Tribe”, one of the quests to get a Daedric Artifact required to complete the “Oblivion Walker” achievement / trophy. The reward is the Volendrung. See my other Daedric Artifact videos: 1. The House of Horrors ( Mace of Molag Bal ) 2. Discerning the Transmundane ( Oghma Infinium ) 3. Pieces of the Past ( Mehrunes’ Razor ) 4. Azura’s Star / The Black Star ( The Black Star or Azura’s Star ) 5. A Daedra’s Best Friend ( Masque of Clavicus Vile ) 6. The Mind of Madness ( Wabbajack ) 7. The Only Cure ( Spellbreaker ) 8. The Break of Dawn ( Dawnbreaker ) 9. The Cursed Tribe ( Volendrung ) 10. Waking Nightmare ( Skull of Corruption ) 11. The Taste of Death ( Ring of Namira ) 12. Boethiah’s Calling ( Ebony Mail ) 13. The Whispering Door ( Ebony Blade ) 14. A Night to Remember ( Sanguine Rose ) 15. Ill Met By Moonlight ( Ring of Hircine & Savior’s Hide ) Thank you for watching! Please leave a like if this video helped you. I have covered all of the Daedric Artifact quests, but I will continue to post new quests and tradeskill information soon, so subscribe for more!

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  1. IceKiller560 says:

    The dragon keeps eating Atub. WTF

  2. ToDaXi says:

    Short and great!

  3. Andrew14GR says:

    help me the orc’s died what do i do now

  4. nathanjoseph10 says:

    Haha, after she killed yamarz it says ‘completed: protect yamarz’

  5. VortexDarkStar says:

    Rrrrrrr I’m only lvl 54

  6. ElongatedVowels says:

    Just go back to the place in the cave where you jumped down, and jump up along the rocks. Just keep jumping and you should make it up the cliff.

  7. gustav3335 says:

    It aint possibly to fast travel from there

  8. theredshocker1 says:

    He’s lvl 81 lol….

  9. Maggotforlife99 says:

    I shot her/him (whatever) with an arrow and the orc opened the gate but I had to pay like 5 gold so no big deal.

  10. subsaibot4512 says:

    bring me troll fat but not the fat we have….thats our troll fat 

  11. MrFuckingPotatoHead says:

    * killing Yamarz*

    Completed: Protect Yamarz

  12. 74Maliboo says:


  13. thegreatMSG says:

    it should be dreadric mace..

  14. buster8781 says:

    It won’t let me in largashbur

  15. ScribbleNoob1000 says:

    what is the weapons that u are holding called?

  16. jarrod6935 says:

    i went here killed the giant and ATUB attacked me then a dragon came i killed it ATUB was still attacking me, i couldnt see any other orcs just goats? and the goats were also attacking me :\

  17. CookieGoesNegative says:

    have you NOT seen his tradeskill videos you can get weapons over 800+ damage with ease without cheating you dumbass

  18. gamingbastard00 says:

    Are you Born 2000 i am


    What do you do if you’ve killed everyone apart from the chief?

  20. kingraider7 says:

    SAME HERE!!! he started attacking me after a dragon and now i cant do it -.-

  21. xDivineDevinx says:

    I came to this guide because Atub wouldn’t walk over to the longouse to talk to Yamarz. After I gave her the ingredients she kept standing in the same spot. For about five finutes I talked to every single Orc in the village and she didn’t move at all. I didn’t know what to do. Watching your video, Atub walks away when you gave her the ingredients and right when I turned my head to my game after watching that part Atub finally walks her ass to the longhouse. I swear my game is a fucking troll.

  22. tehe4glei says:

    Buy a deadra heart from Babette (little vampire girl in dark brotherhood)

  23. TheNfstuner says:

    lol completed protect Yamarz he’s dead on the ground

  24. TheDrdoggE says:

    Shit i killed them all

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