Skyrim [PC] Console Commands (Cheats): Add Gold, Level up, Change race
By Admin On 30 Nov, 2011 At 08:30 AM | Categorized As Skyrim Cheats | With 2 Comments

â–¶ Personal Channel: â–¶ Directors Channel: Peter here with some usefull console commands for skyrim ! Please subscribe for upcoming vids ! Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like this video, click “Like” and Subscribe to our channel to get more! =-=-=-= Video Promotion: I already have selected a fewvideos to be uploaded onto my channel and to help be promoted. Currently I am still accepting videos. This is to help promote unknown videos and channels. Together to the top!!! Send me a message with your video attached. I will let you know the winners once again. Subscribers are eligible to send as many videos as they want.

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  1. Thafrayer says:

    can you do free roam after completing the game?

  2. lAdammpl says:

    ; nice

  3. Pauls3553 says:

    tmm [0 or 1] Toggles all map markers

  4. Alauran330 says:

    @liamis01177 It is. I find it more entertaining to use cheat codes after finishing the game.

  5. Emily46165 says:

    Psb also enables every spell

  6. dylnberl says:

    Lol @ 3:15

  7. CosmicPvP says:

    Alauran! Do coc qasmoke to get to testing hall!!! Becareful when you race change because it reduces stats, also in console hit psb for EVERY spell in the game!

  8. naikele1 says:

    lol giant doesnt like u

  9. nuizgaming says:


  10. kickthecat75 says:


  11. liamis01177 says:

    It’s way more fun doing it legit

  12. iiTzLelouch says:

    Good video mate

  13. Alauran330 says:

    Hopefully you guys enjoy this video from DPCasting. Make sure you like the video and comment it if you want more Together to the Top videos! Weekly uploads Tuesday & Saturday. Thank You – Alauran

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