How to use Skyrim Console Commands – Additems, Sexchange & NPC spawning
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In this video I go through how to use console commands in Elder Scrolls Skyrim. The main areas I focus on are the adding of items such as gold, sex change (for fun) and adding NPC’s to you’re location as well as some fun testing the NPC spawning. NPC Codes : (If the…

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  1. Blackpalidan says:

    if anyone can help me that’d be great.
    so heres my problem when i go to spawn an npc or anything for that matter it says command line-or something like that- not saved

  2. supereldinho says:

    I enter the command to contract Sanguinare Vampiris and there is a message saying I contracted it, but it’s not among the active powers. I also try to enter the command to make Delphine and Esbern killable, but I constantly get a message saying that an error occured or something like that, but I type the command to the letter. What is going on? Am I doing something wrong?

  3. losaface4 says:

    @RaNdOmNeSs569 F

  4. RaNdOmNeSs569 says:

    how do you get to third person?

  5. ollethegreat4 says:

    @MrLegoking97 Don’t think so, player.additem 000xxxxx xx

  6. steevn606 says:

    Do player.placeatme guards respawn after they die some how? The ones that you spawned after like 30 days?

  7. MrLegoking97 says:

    I normally play on PS3 witch hasn’t fucked up yet, but I downloaded a PC version for mods and such. Just for fun because I beat the game 2 times on PS3. I hear you can spawn dragon bone weapons that are native to the “Vinnila” version by typing something like 0Dragonbone or something similar to that.

  8. Sonicadvaned09 says:

    I Really Wish I was given the PC Version? But I Had a Full Computer Then. :(

  9. TheFourLionsGameplay says:

    @Gene117 nah man, you have to add that same amount to make it a positive number

  10. Alexanderb76 says:

    @Alexanderb76 and if you press the up arrow you can pick the same one again

  11. Alexanderb76 says:

    i dont think you have to put the zeroes at the front in

  12. SwagMixxima says:

    @Gene117 I know what it is, You gotta remove some money cuz u having more then u should type player.additem 0000000F 500000 ( For Example ) So dont take like 5000000000 or something like that :) hope it helped

  13. c00mander116 says:

    Nope,PC only,breadan123,sorry.

  14. breadan123 says:

    is there any way to do these things on xbox? i need viola giordano 2 come back 2 life :/

  15. 3monightmar3 says:

    Hey mate, is there a console command for divorcing your wife so that you can remarry?

  16. deadly6actual says:

    Lol I no how to use console commands but I just can’t find out any ones accept like a faction Chang and at character race change

  17. SavageR3ApZ says:

    @TheDragonHat could you spawn like say 50 dragons at once

  18. TheDragonHat says:

    @impwnuhard Use the tidle key its within the game :)

  19. impwnuhard says:

    umm do console commands just come with the game or is there like a mod download?

  20. Mario53415 says:

    I spawned a bunch of dragurs but they wont move I want them to attack wwhiterun can someone tell me how to make them move?

  21. kabadnb says:

    tnx man

  22. weil360 says:

    How can I spawn Ysolda please ?

  23. AceSmartWatch says:

    you will put the description in the link? lol

  24. wastedruid says:

    I subscribed just because of the “Boingingingingignigng”

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