Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Cheats – Testing Room with All Items AKA Testing Hall
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This is a quick guide/walk-through the testing room in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that has all the items in the game and also all the crafting devices and stuff in it. If anyone is wondering, my video card and CPU are a bit out of date, but I still get 60 FPS all the time in this game so don’t worry if you have an older system like I do. (I play will that the settings maxed out) SO, no worries. FYI- To get into the testing room you have to press the ~ key on your keyboard and type in “coc qasmoke” without quotes, and hit enter. It teleports you here and the room goes no where but has all the items and stuff. To get out you open the console again and type something like “coc (location)”. Other console cheats: tcl (no clipping) tgm (toggle god mode) psb (gives all spells and shouts) some are fake player.additem f 100 (adds 100 Gold) A heads-up, the enchanted armor and enchanted weapons cabinets will seem to freeze up your game but if you wait long enough the menu will load and when you try to loot an item from those it will take forever, and even sometime you have to try a few times to loot. SPECS: WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE X64 INTEL CORE 2 DUO E8400 OC TO 3.6GHz 4GB DDR3 SINGLE CH 1333MHz (EVGA) NVIDIA 790I SLI ULTRA MOBO NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 285 (EVGA) 60GB OCZ-VERTEX 2 SSD

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  1. MechaShredZilla says:

    fuck wish i got this for the pc but i was afraid it wouldn’t run so i got it for the ps3….they should atleast release just the testing hall for the other consoles

  2. doylebri12345 says:

    you mean you can teleport anywhere by just typing “coc location”? awesome i want this REALLY BAD

  3. kodyzco says:

    can you do this on ps3

  4. cloudcyclone says:

    @Birdbrain15919 yeah i was wong it doesnt, sucks

  5. cloudcyclone says:

    @r0flcopter99 mine is the same way

  6. Birdbrain15919 says:

    @cloudcyclone the room does not replenish when you go back to it

  7. Shinestriker says:

    @FAikYz I’m not sure but you may have to flip it. F4330700

  8. Shinestriker says:

    Anybody know the id for this location? If so let me know if you have already bi-flipped it. The reason i ask is because i am on the 360 and want to make a save so other people will have access.

  9. coyaa18 says:

    @123nanacom dude read the description or cloudcyclones post you need to type this into your console: coc Whiterun . or any city you like to get outta there i dont know whats so hard to figure out

  10. theeagleZeye says:

    can anyone try to find ps3 version please i dont like program save edit or some thing :) inbox me if you do

  11. r0flcopter99 says:

    is it only me, or when i open the all enchanted armor, which it load in 10s-ish, and when i try to get one of it, it freaking loads so long, like 5 mnt @_@
    can anyone help me? coz my computer is running on high so far, and its 50-60 fps

  12. FAikYz says:

    how do I add an item? Im trying to add the Daedric armor and when I type player.additem 000733F4 which is the number ID of the helmet and then I press enter but it dosnt work….. help anyone ?

  13. 123nanacom says:

    @cluodcyclone i got in but how I go out of there?

  14. 123nanacom says:

    i got in but how I go out of there?

  15. tubehax says:

    @cloudcyclone thanks dude.

  16. Givemealifealready says:

    @haloreach321 it depens on your skill tree

  17. SlambeastyKIng says:

    Did umm…. Anyone… See Umbra in there??? I didn’t…. I hope Umbra is there…

  18. cloudcyclone says:

    @feubarkada yes they stay in you items inventory pf course

  19. cloudcyclone says:

    @tubehax yes each time you go to it

  20. tubehax says:

    Does the room replenish ?

  21. Dudie112 says:

    @feubarkada you can take it out and save without problems

  22. haloreach321 says:

    i thought daedric bow did 31

  23. feubarkada says:

    Can you take the item with you outside world? Or is it just the test room?

  24. Deadman00005 says:

    @cloudcyclone ay thanks mate

  25. MrHencke says:

    i wish this was also in the ps3 edition :(

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