Skyrim How to level your Enchanting to 100 FAST. Tip for 360/PS3/PC
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For this tip you’ll need plenty of gold or silver rings and soul gems. It doesn’t matter what kind of soul gem, but petty are the cheapest to buy from general goods vendors and enchanting vendors. • First thing you want to do is set the Mage Stone active at the Guardian Stones. (+20% enchanting xp) • Make the gold or silver rings by using transmute on iron ore to make silver or gold ore to make ingots, and then rings. Transmute can be bought from the NPC shown in the start of this video in Dragonsreach. • Use the Fortify Sneak enchantment, or if you don’t have that one find the enchantment which gives you the most valuable enchanted item, so you can sell it on for a profit. • Another tip is to use Banish on iron daggers, these sell for loads so you can make easy cash while leveling. Enjoy ;)

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  1. TheJakedi says:

    you can also find transmute in a dungeon

  2. Archangel23S says:

    @ShakeToTheJunt thank you

  3. ShakeToTheJunt says:

    You have to disenchant an item to learn the enchantment

  4. Archangel23S says:

    where did you get all those enchantment opions from?

  5. xNinTend0K0REx says:

    @colj001 uhm? no man you go to the bandit camp north of whiterun
    “Halted stream Camp”
    frigin mine is loaded with ore and the book you require is in there.

  6. MrGodzillahin says:

    You can level up enchanting even faster by using the dagger you make for boosting your smithing skill. The “banish daedra” enchantment has a SELL PRICE of 600gold apeice even with petty soul gems. Otherwise just enchant with fire or fear, sells for much too.

  7. Godspeedos says:

    @mchitti there’s loads of npc’s who have sneak rings to pickpocket, just look around. You’ll find other enchanted items on em too like stamina + items and stuff to disenchant.

  8. mchitti says:

    @Necrotwilly I only seem to come across frost fire shock stamina and magicka damage enchantments -.-

  9. Necrotwilly says:

    @mchitti Just look around wherever you can. I have a fucking über set from only a few days of playing and im pwning everything i see xDDD

  10. mchitti says:

    I’ve been playing this game up to level 40, and I have taken a great interest in searching for things to disenchant, yet I have nothing compared to you. Do you know how you got so many, especially all the fortifications? Where did you get fortify sneak?

  11. Cannibalization says:

    The transmute spell only transforms a single ore at a time? Not worth the time.

  12. Maybeitsme1994 says:

    thanks, this helped alot! :)

  13. xtimberwolfx13 says:

    @jzstyles Yeah, by getting all skills to 100 you will get to level 81, and you can continue to level by going to jail and lowering your skill values.

  14. xtimberwolfx13 says:

    Hey guys if your looking for Transmute the tome can be found in Halted Stream Camp, which is north of Whiterun. The tome is inside the mine, and is on a table near a Bandit Chief.

  15. jzstyles says:

    @xtimberwolfx13 so u could u get more than 49 perks than? thatll be helpful

  16. xtimberwolfx13 says:

    @jzstyles There is no cap technically.

  17. jzstyles says:

    @Snoopey0 it said u were goin to lvl 52 i thought 50 was the cap

  18. MrMajent says:

    Can I use Aura’s Star? Would it help?

  19. Alcapwn4 says:

    where do you get the transmute spell

  20. Mushhyyx says:

    what did you disenchant?

  21. SuperMac2007 says:

    Find Halted Stream Camp, it’s north of Whiterun. Kill the bandit chief and the other bandits and you’ll find it on a table in the large main room.

  22. disturbed360900 says:

    the wizard is not selling transmute !! :( i’ve checked and i know i have not got it from him already. any idea about where else i could ggo to get it? like someone at the mages college for example?

  23. desponge11 says:

    @colj001 You can also find it on a table in a bandit camp mine north of windhelm, just head strait up north from windhelm and you will see the camp

  24. Runedragon87 says:

    @SaintGabriel11 You should get it to lvl 70 and then get the perk to make glass armor, it’s light armor so it won’t slow you down to much. Then you can make it into legendary in the workbench then enchant them with spells that wil help your mage.

  25. SaintGabriel11 says:

    super tempted to boost enchanting and smithing to make crazy armor…but playing a mage character I don’t know if I want to perk smithing a ton…

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